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Wow was I in for a surprise when the girls locker room was locked, so Ii decided to start stretching in the guys locker room until a fit guy came in and started to undress, I could not help but look (of course) you could tell we both wanted each other and he gave me one hell of a workout ;)

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Special girl was working undercover as a maid, ready to make her move and arrest ‘The Peach’. The Peach was a major pimp player and hustler who was starting to make big moves in the bad guy game, it was time to bring him down and stop his game and this special girl was just the right person to stop him. Knowing of Peaches nympho sex addiction the plan they had a cunning plan.. Once she received the go ahead, special girl slipped into the tub waiting for ‘The Peach’ to come for his bath. When he entered she yelled surprise to the startled gangster. But the surprise wasn’t the naked chick in his bed, the surprise was the reason she was such a special girl, her 12 inch monster cock, which hung low between her thighs.. The peach couldn’t help himself and immediately stripped off and lay with his mouth open, ready to service the meaty weapon which was heading towards his lips. ‘The Peach’ wasn’t just a notorious gangster, he also turned out to be a notoriously good cock sucker, sucking special girls special tool like he was sucking the meat of a chicken wing. Once special girl was horny enough, she lubed up his ass and got to work on pounding him senseless. ‘The Peach’ was pant, moaning and groaning, loving every salivating, ass busting minute of his butt banging, and just when he was at his most vulnerable, laying naked and exhausted with an ass full of spunk special girl planted the cuffs and called in for backup!

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