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Carol was already waiting in the club house when Sue turned up for their tennis lesson. They were both early and due to the intense heat they were both wearing skimpy tennis clothes. So skimpy in fact neither of the girls were sporting panties, and Sue couldn’t stop starring at Carol’s butt every time she bent over or her skirt raised an inch. Carol had noticed Sue’s erection peeking out of her short skirt and she immediately knew Sue was horny and wanting to fuck. Carol didn’t want to disappoint her and she lift her skirt and grabbed the back of Sue’s head, forcing her to suck down hard and deep on her cock.. They were soon naked and fucking each other against the counter. Carol was banging Sue’s tight ass pussy with all her might when Kevin, their tennis tutor walked in on them. Kevin was obviously shocked to see his two prize tranny students nailing each other to the floor, but no sooner had they stopped, apologised and began to dress up, Kevin decided it would be much more sporting and fun to let them all finish their current game of ass fucking before they went out on the court. An orgy soon broke out and Kevin joined in for some filthy three way fucking as both luscious ladyboys serviced Kevin’s cock, allowing him to unleash the hugest cum explosion you could imagine, of which not a drop was wasted, as the two teen trannies fought over it with their tongues.

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Sissy Maid

Lisa Jane has a new boyfriend that can’t get enough of her cock! Riding in her sportster, they go back to his house and find that is sister is horny for Lisa Jane’s cock as well. After humping the sister while the boyfriend watches, he is made into a sissy maid to serve!

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It was a terrible landing, well not really a landing at all, the Marine spacecraft had run out of fuel and had to crash land on an unchartered planet, and the emphasis was definitely on the word ‘crash’! The spacecraft was a wreck and the Space Marine was a little shaken as he cautiously set out to explore his new surroundings. Walking around the alien environment, looking for help, or any sign of friendly life, he was suddenly swept off his feet, snagged by a well hidden trap and left dangling upside down. The Space Marine was hanging unconscious for some time, finally waking to discover he was being let down but two hot and busty predator babes. It was soon obvious these powerful tranny creatures were hungry and he was ‘catch of the day’, but as they began to rip off his uniform they seemed to get a little hot and horny at the sight of his muscular body, and he soon noticed two huge, black shemale cocks standing to attention. If they were going to eat him they had certainly decided to start with his cock as they both dropped to their knees and began sucking him off, taking it in turns to deepthroat his twitching meat. Untied, it was soon the Marine’s turn to do some mouth work and they forced him to gobble down on both their monster dicks, one then the other, then cramming both in his mouth at the same time. When sucking time was over fucking time began and Marine had no choice but to get fucked! They pounded his ass with their huge black shemale cocks, over and over, even giving him some double penetration. It wasn’t long before all three of them blew their creamy loads, as the two tranny predators came all over the Marine’s ass. The marine thought the butt pounding was over but as they all lay together, he notice yet more hot shemale Predators heading towards him with their huge, hard cocks, looking for fresh ass.

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