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After a nasty hack of her FaceBook account by Roxy, Jessica decides she is going to stalk Roxy and jump her in the alley behind their favourite club.

From out of the darkness, Jessica grabs Roxy and throws her on the broken couch, slapping her face, ripping her clothes, smothering her with kisses and choking her throat. The hot sex that they always have – only this time in public. Jessica makes Roxy find used condoms and put them in her mouth, she fucks her ass and makes Roxy squirt all over her cock. She leaves her naked and fucked in the alley just as the cops show up.

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Bambi is house sitting at her neighbors place. She’s bored and TV is barely keeping her awake. When a late night package delivery shows up, Bambi is quick to act on the tough guy that stands in the doorway.
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