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shemaletugjobs1Model: Carla Mel
Movie length: 11 minutes
Photos: 105

This blonde tranny likes getting down and dirty and playing up her feminine side. Carla Mel is a cute and playful shemale with small firm boobs, a tight bum and a long shecock. She looks very hot in her pink bathing suit and even hotter once she gets her top off. You can tell by the naughty smile and the twinkle in her eyes that this t-girl can be wicked and twisted when she sets her mind too it. And she proves it in this photo gallery. Not only does she get on her knees and spread open her butt cheeks to show off her tight asshole, this funky chick gives a little show that you just have to see to believe. It definitely gets her hot and hard and the luscious shemale Carla rubs her stiff shecock from base to head until she is throbbing and blowing her thick and sticky load like a fountain all over her stomach and letting it drip down her shecock.

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Three sexy and hung tranny nymphos are in action today working over one lucky straight guy. Watch these three fabulous tgirls suck and fuck each other and all three gang up on this one willing guy. The hardcore is intense and the cocks are shooting cum all over the place!

Office Manager

Since being promoted to office manager a lot of the girls had started to flirt with me and offer me gifts, hoping to get a bonus or extra holiday no doubt! But the latest attempt to get my attention definitely worked! I turned up to the office in the morning to find a picture face down on my desk, at first look it was obviously pornographic, so I snuck away to the toilets to take a more private gander.. What I first thought was a naked girl’s body turned out to be a photo of a naked shemale. The head was cropped off, so I wasn’t sure who it was, but with a massive erect monster cock n full display, surely it couldn’t be hidden for long. Back at my desk, looking around the room for my tranny admirer, all of the girls were smiling at me, but one particularly cute young lady gave me a wink that said all I needed to know.. As the day wrapped up I hung around, waiting for the office to clear, as did the smoking hot brunette. To say my interest was ‘pricked’ by this luscious looking ladyboy was the understatement of the year, as soon as we were alone my hands were all over her, finally forcing her to her knees as I withdrew my cock for her to suck. We were soon both out of our clothes, naked, as I fucked her tight ass as hard as I could, bending her over my desk, ramming her like a pinball machine. We fucked in so many positions it was unreal, and finally I could hold back no longer, and I covered her in my spunk.

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SheCock Carnival Carousal

There is just no stopping these four shemales when they get together and they are all in the mood to party and get wild. The more wine they share, the hornier they get until they are slipping each other out of their clothes and getting their mouths around some hot and tasty shecocks. No one is left out when it comes to getting their girl poles sucked on and their ass filled until they are moaning in pleasure. Then they unload their jizz wads on one shemale babes tiny titties.

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Mitch West wakes up to find himself stranded in another dimension. Imprisoned by the beautiful queen, Mia Isabella and used as a sex slave. Forced to suck her huge cock and take it deep in his ass. This is one probing he will never forget.

My Comic Collection

I’ve been a huge fan of manga comics since I was a pre-teen tranny, in fact it was my early obsession with stories about scantily clad Japanese chicks in fantasy costumes that encourage my ladyboy ways in the first place! The only problem is I never manage to keep my large comic collection in very good condition! It’s the same problem every time, I keep my comics in plastic bags, so to keep them clean and unblemished, but looking at the horny, hot, large breasted Asian babes on most of the covers I am too eager to see more and soon ripping the protactive covers off. My ladyboy cock starts to stir in my panties, hardening up and trying to break out of my jeans as I turn the pages and fantasise about fucking with all the hot girls, dressing up in slutty uniforms with them and fucking their every hole. My clothes are soon off and thrown across the room as I hornily grip my stiff cock and stroke with one hand, and desperately leaf through the comics with my other. Things get crazy messy as I writhe and wank over the sexy pictures, dreaming of orgies and endless fucking, finally exploding with insane amounts of built up cum, shooting over my body and over my favourite mags, before finally falling back on what is left of my comic collection. is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

Outdoor tease


I always find it a lot of fun finding abandoned factories/warehouses and getting all horny outdoors (much more fun if there were guys and girls around to join in!). Though I have to make the most of it when the sun is out, so whats a girl to do? I’m sure you will love me teasing, just as much as I did doing it and who knows maybe I will see you there next time…

Playful shemale Bruna Butterfly

Check out the always playful young shemale cutie Bruna Butterfly in this naughty black outfit. Watch as she teases the camera like only she can do and then strips down and unleashes her amazing cock. She rubs on it until it’s rock hard, then strokes it until it fires a load!

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Man here are two horny brunettes that you would never pick as trannies if you saw them in the street. In their short skirts they would turn your head and make your cock hard and even when they took you back to their place you’d still want to get your cock into their tight asses. For now though they’re only going to have some fun with each other but you can watch so sit back and enjoy the dirty fucking as these bitches bang their brains out.

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