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Shemale Maid Fucks Him


The shemale maid was cleaning the house naked as her employer had requested. He liked seeing her big balls hanging down and her cock swinging from side to side. He liked to watch and stroke his dick as she cleaned things up. He also liked to have her stop everything she was doing and start working on his body. There was nothing like a hot shemale tongue on his cock and balls to get him going. In this hot set you’ll see the beautiful 3d shemale maid tongue his nuts, lick his sack and then suck on his cock until he’s rock hard. The beautiful babe with big tits and a big cock then gave him a wonderful surprise by fucking his ass with her long cock. She bent him over and slipped it right inside, fucking him deep and hard while he begged for it deeper and harder. He’s a bit of a slut for her hard shemale cock and the two of them can often be found somewhere in the house exploring their shared sexual desires. He gives the shemale slut all the dick meat she can handle and then he gives her even more. It’s a rollicking, highly arousing hardcore scene.

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Eva is on fire – this update is 100 percent her finest performance showcasing her skills as a Dominatrix.
Johnny has one last fantasy before he gets married. He wants to lose total control to a Madam who will spare no feeling, hear no call out or feel any remorse in her brutal fucking of his face and ass.
No one knows Johnny is here in the finest brothel in the world – The House of Yes.

His secrets disclosed, his naked body bound, his eyes blindfolded and his cock sitting helpless between his legs, Johnny pants in fear and excitement.
Mistress Eva has seen these wealthy men before – begging her to keep their secrets and do the things that they fantasize about when fucking their future wives. The fantasies that push their own cocks over the edge and get them to cum. It’s not their wife’s pussy, but the idea of being a pussy themselves – of being spread and fucked in bondage where nothing can stop their Mistress.

Satin Teddy

Lounging around the house in my pink satin teddy stockings and purple heels, no wonder I soon get turned on and have to slide it down a little and let my cock loose… Hope it has the same effect on you and your touching your hard cock with me ;)

Shemale Ana Paula Oliveira in hot solo action

Brazilian shemale superstar Ana Paula Oliveira is in hot solo action in this update. Watch this smoking hot shemale beauty strip, tease and stroke her cock until it sprays a big load all over her thighs. Ana has been highly requested by members and she’s finally here, enjoy!

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Take What you Get And Take More

Natassia is a sex machine that has no off switch. She is a tireless Dom and most people can not keep up with her pounding. Today is no different – Rocky a member and fan requested to work with Natassia. He put his ass out for her and now he is seated in the slave position and taking a fucking at speeds and depths he is not ready to take. What does Rocky do? He does the right thing – he hides his face, grits through the pain and drops a massive load as a hard earned release. And what does Natassia do? Anything she damn well wants.


Jessica Fox is not a desperate housewife. She is not a single white female or even a homewrecher. She is worse – she is evil for evil sake. If you asked her, she would say she’s couples therapy. She’s would say she is a subtle reminder to mind your vows and break the rules when you are disappearing into coupledom. To do this, she puts her cock where your mouth full of excuses is and makes you suck her until there is no turning back. First she seduced the husband and today, she takes the wife. Next? A wicked threesome. When? Well, that is only going to happen after Jessica is done toying with her neighbours emotions and their greedy holes. This feature update is a cross over shoot with

Cover Up


As for the plot: A handsome young man meets a stunning young woman at a nightclub. She’s gorgeous, has amazing breasts, and long blonde hair. She’s wearing a tight black latex dress, with matching long black latex gloves and black latex thigh-high boots, making her look extremely sexy. They go back to her apartment, where they start to fool around. Suddently, she handcuffs him to the headboard of the bed, before pulling out a strapon complete with straps, and a hard black plastic penis and fake balls, showing it to him. He’s wary, but aggrees to let her use it on him. She then moves out of sight, behind a nearby changing screen, where he can’t see her. She throws away the strapon, and pulls out her large, erect cock. She removes her latex dress, but keeps her boots and gloves on. She then takes what looks like another strapon, but this one has a hollow piece of shiny black material instead of the hard plastic penis of the first one. She pulls the material on, over her cock and balls, and ties the straps of the strapon around her hips. She now looks like a woman wearing a strapon, instead of a shemale. She has a devious expression on her face. She goes back to her trapped lover, and proceeds to fuck him in every position she can think of. The whole time, he has no idea that’s she’s a shemale, and thinks she’s a normal woman using a strapon. That is, until the final panel, where she cums violently over him, leaving him with a shocked and terrified expression as he realizes the truth.

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TS Jesse slams her huge cock into her slave

TS Jesse is so beautiful. She has a smoking hot body and lovely round tits. To top it off she is packing a huge tranny cock! Jesse loves getting sucked off and puts Max to work right away. She slides her meat stick in and out of his warm mouth getting in nice and hard. Then licks his tight hole to get it wet and ready for her big cock. Jesse fucks him deep and fast while he is chained down. Then she pulls out to tastes his sweet ass juice right before shooting her hot load all over him!

Tranny Dominatrix

Starring: Bianca SM
Story: Bianca SM is the best dominatrix for hire around. She knows how to handle her whip… and her cock, because she has one. This sexy tranny domme turns Dariko into her ‘man bitch’ in no time, and the poor man submissively sucks the superior cock, and he groans happily when it slides into his asshole.

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