Flash Flood


Everyone in my town hates rainy season. Personally, I love it! It’s like a giant wet T-shirt contest. I get off watching young girls getting drenched head to toe, seeing their large tits bounce in tight soaked blouses as they run for shelter. This one time I had just stepped out when it began to pour. I ducked back in my room and watched these two smoking redheads in skimpy clothes looking for cover. Seeing their hard nipples poke through their wet tops, I did the gentlemanly thing, stopped masturbating and invited them in! They were eager to get out of their wet things and I wasn’t going to stand in their way! I hadn’t even offered them towels and they were unbuttoning their tops and sliding their skirts down their long smooth legs. I couldn’t hide the erection busting out of my pants as they peeled off their wet panties, and they couldn’t hide theirs either! Both these chicks had huge meaty dicks! And they began to beckon me to the bed.. These two cute wet babes fucked like dirty dogs. We went through every position in the book, plus a few freaky ones I never knew existed! I’ve never fucked and been fucked so much in my life, no cock was left unattended. The rain may have stopped outside but none of us had noticed, we were busy getting soaked again, in a flash flood of warm salty cum!

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Lohara Lomark sticks her huge cock in tight ass


You guys and gals are going to love this hot new scene featuring hung tranny doll Lohara Lomark. She is back and badder than ever in hardcore bareback action. Watch as this hot shemale shows off her body and then gives this straight guy the fucking of his life, all with no condom!

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Becoming a Sidekick

I’ve always been a nerd, and moreover, I’ve always dreamed about becoming a superhero, and then one day I just woke up and thought, ‘why keep on dreaming?’ and I decided to just do it! SO I made my own costume out of tight green lycra with a cloth cape and velvet mask, and I headed of excitedly in to the dark city streets to rid them of evil.. It wasn’t long before I came across a fellow crime fighter and superhero, the Black Canary. Now here was one heroine that was built for tight lycra and fishnet pantyhose! I wasn’t sure what her superpower was, but going by her perfect ass and titanic titties, it was sure to be something super hot and sexy! Ogling her awesome body in that tight teasing outfit made me feel kind of embarrassed by my own poor effort of a costume and the struggle tro hide my boner, but she just smiled and said “You are the cutest thing I have ever seen.” She then, starring at my erection, pulled her panties to one side to reveal her humungous tranny cock, which was standing to attention. I gulped, and then as if by superhero intuition I drooped to my knees, allowing r o step forward and slide her meat deep into my mouth. There I was sucking the blonde bombshell bringing her closer and closer o super orgasm, and she seemed to be enjoying every face fucking stroke. She whispered into my ear “Give me your ass, I want to be inside you” and of course I let her! She took control like a good crime fighter would, bending me over and easing her huge dick into my ass. It hurt at first but after she had fucked me for a bit I really started to like it. We fucked in many different positions as I tried my best to suck her lovely breasts at every opportunity. It was awesome. I finally came with her cock still deep inside of me and she then pulled out to empty her balls and cum all over my face. Since that night I’ve given up on my dreams of becoming a superhero, and instead committed my self to being the Black Canary’s full-time sidekick and fuck toy!

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Carla Cardille enjoying a dick in her ass

Carla Cardille is young, petite and has a starving hunger for cock. Watch this young tgirl cutie get her mouth and tight ass worked by a big cock. You can tell right from the start that she loves fucking and by the end of the scene you will realize she is a true professional.

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TS Bianka Nascimento strips and wanks her cock

Ts babe Bianka Nascimento is feminine, playful and more beautiful than ever in this new episode. Watch this lovely tgirl show off her stunning body, thick cock and sassy playful attitude in a solo striptease before whipping out her cock and wanks it until she explodes with joy.

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Young sub


Young sub, big cock… what more could I ask for? He takes my cock so good! I love bending his ass over and fucking his tight hole! A lot of people don’t know I am really a top in real life, now you get to see what I really do to my boys, enjoy watching me use his hole and shoot my load all over his ass.

“Dorm Room Punishment” starring Jessica Fox

TsPussyHunters presents “Dorm Room Punishment” a feature shoot starring Jessica Fox, Milcah Halili and Wenona.
First year Milcah and Wenona are acting like typical co-eds – yelling on their cell phones, exercising off the cafeteria food, playing obnoxious music at top volume – all the shit that drives the Resident Assistant insane.
But Jessica is not the typical RA, she takes matters into her own hands and makes the girls pay for their annoying amateur habits.
First Jessica storms into Milcah’s room and punishes the little fucker with her cock. A long blow job keeps the noise down and when she fucks Milah’s pussy the sounds coming from the dorm room are MUCH more appealing to Jessica’s ears.

But an RA’s work is never done – there will always be another loud mouth down the hall and no sooner is Jessica back in her dorm room, when Wenona starts up with the medicine ball and high kicks. Jessica busts into Wenona’s room and throws her on the bed. Jessica uses the fitness and endurance of Wenona to full capacity as she fucks her senseless – fisting her pussy and even fisting her own ass while she drives her cock into Wenona. Epically hot sex in this feature update!


Dean Mistress

When you attend a prestigious art college, the faculty takes notes on you. When Cj decides to skip class and lip off his teachers, the Dean is made aware. His bad attitude, however, isn’t the only thing that has Natassia attention. Cj’s freshman tight body and impressionable mind are very appealing. She requests a meeting with him after hours in her private home. When Cj realizes just how much trouble he is in, he begs to be forgiven. That’s a start, Natassia commands. She has him on his knees, on the floor and on her cock while she takes her time pleasuring her hard cock.

Nina is in for shoplifting, Eva for too many unpaid parking tickets. It’s a recipe for horrible memories or hot secret sex. The option is up to Nina once she spies Eva cock while Eva is peeing into the disgusting cell toilet.
Lemons or Lemonade? Nina goes for the sweet stuff and reaches down under the covers to Eva’s hard cock and strokes her a little with her hand before taking the hard dick into her mouth. The secret sex goes on through the night while Eva fucks Nina’s tight pussy and explodes in a cum launching pop shot from fucking Nina’s soft big tits. Eva shoots streams of cum over Nina’s head and all over he soft, bouncing tits.


Jessica is working for a football recruit and her style of drafting involves more than just watching on field play. For a select few – who may or may never have professional football careers as that doesn’t matter to Jessica – she convinces them to show her what they have under their pads and gets the guys turned on with her groping hand jobs and soft lips.

Beau is easy pickings for Jessica and she has a special desire for his cock in her ass. She also wants to see his face when he opens his eyes while pounding her to discover he is not the only one with a hard cock. Jessica’s proud cock slaps his belly while he pumps balls deep into her ass. At first, Beau refuses to touch her cock but after accepting that his own dick has stayed missile hard inside her ass, he figures he might as well see what another cock feels like – especially one attached to a soft, big titted babe.


Jessica seduces Beau blow job by blow job and slowly she convinces him to let her push her cock into his ass. She kisses him while thrusting into his ass, and Beau can no longer resist her.
This switch scene is so hot, Jessica cums twice – once while getting fucked by Beau and then while fucking him from behind. She even uses Beau cum load as lube for his ass. She spits the milked load right out of her mouth and all over his butt hole before plowing him for her second orgasm.


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