Afternoon Elegance

This is my favorite dress by far! Long black maxi dress with a big thigh split… HOT!! I love it and after a busy morning I decide to lounge around the house and caress my nice, smooth cock… if only I had somewhere to put it…

Tranny barebacked and creampied

Tranny nympho Mirela Adelha is in action today, watch as she slowly stripteases on the bed while waiting on her man. Once he arrives the action starts fast, she deep throats his cock and takes it deep in the ass bareback until she is filled with cum.

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The Weird Space

Ever dream of being in space with aliens? Amanda falls asleep watching on of those old space invasion movies and dreams. There, she meets an alien that looks like Nicole but has horny plans for Amanda. This sexy blue alien has cocks everywhere and they all want to be inside Amanda!

Sexy, toned, tanned and hung – AUBREY KATE

Introducing Aubrey Kate to Aubrey is a smoking hot blonde, tanned, blue eyed hot babe, with a toned body and a rock hard cock who seduces a cowboy stud and fucks him over his own cowhide bench!
Aubrey even shows off a little of her two stepping talents before getting it on with Rod. She’s a bundle of surprises – all good ones – and her debut her is a hit.

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The Bracelet

I was kicking back on the beach when I noticed this cute hippy chick dancing across the sand in a skimpy dress. The way her pert nipples pierced through her light dress and how it lifted as she danced to show off her cute tight buttocks, it made it impossible to take my eyes off her. Suddenly her bracelet flew from her wrist and buried itself in the sand. As she bent over desperately trying to find it her butt was up in the air wriggling as she dug and there was something hypnotizing about her ass wriggling, it was if it was calling me over and finally I could hold back no longer. I ran towards it and just as I reached for her butt she turned to look at me and I slid in the sand, sliding between her spread legs. Before I could utter a word she was tearing down my pants and her butt was no longer the centre of my attention as she withdrew a huge slab of ladyboy cock from her panties which she then started to force entry into my tight ass. It wasn’t long before she was in, her cock fully inserted into my hole and she began riding me like a cowboy, slapping my cheeks as she thrust in and out. I soon felt comfortable and began to enjoy the sensation of her dick sliding in and out of me whilst I looked at her cute face and played with her firm breasts. At this moment all I could think of was her juicy sperm which was about to explode and I begged her to deliver it direct to my face..

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Lissa Likes Candies

Tommy is waiting for Smitha to come home. He can’t wait to be dressed and become Candy. When Smitha walks in the door, Tommy knows Candy will be playing soon with a big strap on. Tommy has not learned about Smitha’s twin……yet!

Enjoying the Sunshine

This is a nice natural set in my comfy joggers and bare feet that soon turned into a naughty one!! from lounging in the hot sun reading my book to slowly revealing my naked body and playing with my hard cock… Look what the hot weather does to me :D

Stunning Wanny Naomi

We’ve had this super hot tranny babe featured on our network many times in hardcore action, but this is her first solo appearance. Wanny doesn’t disappoint in this solo scene, watch as she slowly strips out of her taxi uniform and take control of her rock hard throbbing ts cock.


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Cabaret Girls: one pussy, one cock

Jessy Dubai seduces her hot dance partner, Roxy. Jessy convinces Roxy she has never been with a girl before. Roxy can’t believe this and quickly takes advantage of what she thinks will be a virgin conquest. When it comes time for Roxy to return the pussy licking favour, Jessy tells her that her pussy is “a little different”. Out comes Jessy’s hard cock and the night of exploration takes totally new territory for both girls. After some incredible deep throating, Jessy fucks Roxy’s pussy and ass. When Jessy pulls out to cum, Roxy squirts all over her cock for one of the hottest cum shot scenes on the site.


Tranny Buffet

Shelia had taken Jon out to the new concept restaurant way out of town, for a special birthday meal. Jon was excited as he didn’t know what to expect, he loved anything exotic or different and he loved surprises even more, so when he the staff walked Jon and Shelia through to their own private room and presented them with a fruit buffet spread out over a naked female, Jon could barely contain his excitement. The food was amazing, but it was hard to know whether to look at the delicious wild fruit, or the even more delicious wild, naked babe underneath it. She had huge juicy breasts covered in melon and some long ripe bananas covering her shaven pussy, Jon just wanted to eat it all. Jon and Shelia soon began to relax and eat their way through the fruit, and it became a little less weird, though not less erotic. Whilst Jon was eating the melon from her breasts, Shelia was eating near her groin. No sooner had Jon uncovered the naked girls yummy bullet nipples, he looked down to see Shelia uncovering something a lot longer and harder, as the tasty chick had and tasty dick standing up where her pussy should be! Before Sheila could even speak Jon dived straight for her cock, gobbling it up like a lollipop, sucking the head before bobbing up and down on the shaft like a pro! Shelia knew Jon didn’t like to waste food, but this was crazy and before she knew it the tranny was up and off the table, treating the birthday boy to a shemale sandwich, fucking his ass as he fucked Sheila. The three fuck friends rolled around on the table, covering themselves in dessert as they fingered, licked and fuck any hole, cock or pussy they could see, before finally topping off the tranny buffet with lashing of creamy spunk and some pussy juice!

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