Let’s Get Physical! Pt 2

I was still lying on my back with Jane’s spunk hardening up on my breasts and face, but Jane was already waving around another hung hard-on, ready for round two! I didn’t think I’d be in the mood again so fast, but when Jane stood me up and clamped her moist blow job lips around my cock I was soon sporting a stiffy and enjoying a good face fucking!.. I thought I had heard someone heading towards the room moments earlier, but when I spotted Brad, the Football captain, watching us, I was still shocked. Brad was sitting on the stands with his pants down as he stroked his long cock at the sight of two teen trannies playing swallow the pork sword! We stopped our love making and both looked over as Brad walked towards us. I always thought brad was a homophobe and would be upset at what he saw, but he had other ideas and took us willingly over to the stands and ordered us to take turns giving him deepthroat. Brad was a macho, buff guy and he liked to play rough, we were constantly choking on his big cock, and he never let up, not until he was ready to fuck. Damn, brad was kinky, when he threw Jane onto all fours and began thrusting her doggy style, I didn’t know what to do, then brad started yelling at me to fuck him at the same time. Who would have thought the star of the football team dreamed of being the filling in a shemale sandwich! We fucked in every which way you could think of, spit roasting, cock trains, at one stage Brad and I were going at it in a horny 69 whilst Jane started pounding my aching ass! As we were all getting close to blowing out nuts, Brad demanded we give him a cum bath and shoot our jism all over his body. In return he shot his warm salty juices over our faces, on the condition that we both joined the cheer leading team and met him every night after practice!

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Smoking Hot Tranny Gangbang

Check out this smoking hot trio of horny trannies gangbanging this lucky straight guy. They completely lay this guy to waste, all three taking turns cramming their cocks in his mouth and up his ass over and over again. I don’t feel a bit sorry for him though. If anything, I am jealous!

Chubby Tug

shemaletugjobs4Redheaded Patricia Bysmark looks like a wet dream in her red lingerie and thigh high stockings on her shapely legs. She is a real tease taking off her clothes and fondling her big boobs. Once she gets her panties off she uses a finger to tease her tight asshole while her plump shecock gets hard and keeps growing until it is huge and throbbing. Patricia yanks on that meaty girl pole crying out in ecstasy as she shoots her load on her stomach and almost to her big rack.

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Clown Curtain Cum Cock

Sexy Vegas T-girl Chanel starts the session posing in front of the clown colored curtains in her belted aqua mini dress. This dog collared dark skinned shemale has a striking look with her bob haircut and heavily shadowed and long lashed eyes. Stripping to her patterned bra and bright blue panties you can tell she is a dirty girl as she sticks her pink tongue out at the camera. Getting hornier she first gives us a peek at her cock craving A-hole before reaching into her bulging panties exposing her hairy black pubes. Of course she loves to suck dick as well so she slurps on the cameraman’s big cock as she fondles herself sitting in the chair. She and we are hot as hell now as she rips off her shorts and jerks her big black dick with a cock in her mouth again. Her bracelets jangle as she hammers on her hard dink and when ready to cum she tenses her thighs and leans her head way back. Her curving ebony cock finally erupts in a deluge of gooey white cum which she admires and plays with for several minutes.

Enter Black Shemale Stars!

We’ve featured Michelly Cinturinha in almost every type of hardcore on our network but this is the first time she’s in solo action and it’s sizzling hot. Watch as this big dick Brazilian tgirl babe slowly strips and jerks her cock furiously until it unleashes a big messy white load.


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Young and Hung Tranny Topping

Young tranny cutie Leonna Rios is back and this time in control on top of her man. Watch as this young tgirl cutie shows off her curves and then takes her sexual frustration out her man’s tight ass. She fucks him in every position imaginable until she is relieved and satisfied!


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Big Black Chubby

Myrla is a naughty shemale that loves getting on her laptop and looking up t-girl porn. It gets her hot and ready to play. After looking at all those juicy shecocks, she slips out of her white lingerie so she can let her own girl pole spring free. She shows off her plump rear end and teases her shecock until it is hard and throbbing. But when she can’t take anymore teasing, Myrla wraps her hand around her shaft and starts pumping and doesn’t stop until her hot, milky cum is oozing out the top.

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Jessica has a new toy to play with. She takes full advantage of Lobo while he is all tied up and vulnerable. After cutting off his clothes she smothers his face with her round juicy ass. She forces him to fuck her sweet ass hole with his thick tongue. Then she makes him fuck her huge tits while taking her big tranny cock down his throat. After a good hard ass pounding Jessica rewards Lobo with a nice hot load of cum splattered across his body..

Lick You Like a Lolipop!

It was a blood bath! The zombies had taken over the high school, in fact they were savaging the whole neighborhood, eating anything with a pulse, ripping off limbs and chowing down on any piece of live flesh they could get their zombie hands on, and I was trapped in school, fearing the absolute worst! I thought I was dead and it was going to be a grim ending, but suddenly I heard the raw revving of a chainsaw, and I began to make out an image of someone sawing the zombies apart, coming to my rescue. I would never have guessed it was my hot classmate, Juliet Starling saving the day, bouncing around in her cheerleader outfit as she killed zombies left and right. As she beheaded the last zombie and cleared our path to escape she asked me if I was alright. I was still pretty scared but I nodded and I asked her if there was anything I could do to repay her for saving me. Juliet gave me the cutest wry smile and pointed towards her skirt. As she raised that pleated cheerleader skirt up I suddenly saw a large ladyboy cock! I’d never sucked cock before but I was so keen to thank her and she was kind and slow as she guided me on to my knees and slid her sooth ladylike cock deep into my mouth. It tasted amazing and it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it, bobbing up and down on her dick, slurping and moaning as I did so. Juliet shot me another one of her adorable smiles and I knew she wanted to fuck my ass, and who was I to say no? She entered my tight ass with equal care, slowly sliding into my hole, working her meaty cock deeper and deeper until her ball were slapping against mine and I was begging her to ram me harder! I was cumming as she continued to fuck me. But I wasn’t done yet, and before Juliet could say anything I was back down on my knees working her cock with my mouth, slurping down her cum with a smile on my face, just in time for us to start kicking some more zombie ass.

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Worship Her Cock, You little Worm

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Foxxy has zero time for selfish little emo boys who think they rule the world. She flattens her little rookie sub under her high heels and doesn’t stop teaching him respect until she has cum all over his huge sack.
This shoot is full of foot worship and good ol hardcore fucking. James has never had a cock in his mouth or ass and Foxxy take great pride being his first, she fucks his ass until he’s nearly mad at her! She uses her feet to stroke his giant dick and finishes him off with a hot hand job. But he only gets to cum after SHE does which means he will have to endure a good pounding and a lot of torment. Foxxy’s ass is in epic shape and we get a serious long, hot look at it while she pounds her little sub!


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